Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza


A Visionary Leader.
Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza also brings with her over 30 years of experience in establishing and growing businesses across diverse industries. With her expertise and business acumen in cosmetics and personal care enterprises, she co-founded Splash Corporation and HBC, Inc. and is now a key contributor in leading the Hortaleza Corporation group of companies to achieve its corporate vision and goals.

Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza


A CEO & a Marketer
Dr. Rolando Hortaleza has always been a marketer first and a CEO second. It is therefore not a surprise amongst his family and colleagues when he decided to set out to new business ventures. With over three decades of commercial expertise and coming from his personal care empire, Splash Corporation, Dr. Hortaleza ventured into new waters by putting up two new corporations – (1) Prime Global Corporation and (2) Prime Global Finance